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If your South Florida business includes the traveling public, you've come to the right place!

    Florida Gold Coast Publishing provides a Travel Guide for those planning a trip to Southeast Florida's Fabulous Gold Coast.   The Florida Gold Coast Travel Guide in its reporting strives to maintain a journalist integrity (accurate, honest, complete).  Featured sites are reviewed prior to inclusion to ensure high standards of cleanliness and service.  By including information about golf, fishing, beaches, SCUBA, BINGO, restaurants, car rental, shopping, tours, Jet ski rental and more, the Guide hopes to answer questions likely to be on the mind of the traveling public. is designed to be of maximum use to the viewing public.  Toward that end, the Guide is quick loading and easy to navigate.  Banner advertisers (other than free contests and the like) are not accepted and users are informed prior to entering information that their information will not be used or sold for marketing or any other purpose.   

    The Florida Gold Coast Guide Travel Guide began in late 1997 and is aggressively placed on all major search engines.  For instance, as of this writing, an search using the key terms "South Florida Hotel" ranks #1 and # 6, the terms "South Florida motel" ranks #1 and #2 and the terms "South Florida Accommodations" ranks #1 and #2.  Similarly, "south florida golf" and "South Florida Sport Fishing" rank #1 with "South Florida Fishing" ranking #4.  We get traffic!

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