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My Name is Alex Milov and I am a Florida Licensed Psychotherapist. 

I want to help.

We all have life challenges from time to time.  We'd hardly be human if we didn't.  I offer comfortable, confidential, affordable  counseling where we can find solutions that work for you. 

Affordable, Confidential, Effective ....

Whether experiencing issues with relationships, addiction, alcoholism, impulse control, trauma, anxiety and/or depression, I can help you build a flourishing life. 

I offer a humanistic approach (safe, warm, open, non-judgmental) with integration of the Mind, Body and Spirit components of human growth and development making use of empirically validated principles of mental health. 


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Licensed Therapists Standards of Practice include:
  • A Code of Professional Ethics
  • Standards for Education & Training
  • Standards for Professional Conduct of Practice
  • Standards for Licensure and Certification

Confidential Counseling and Treatment.

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